Modify your personal fleet card by creating a unique mix of services out of the broad possibilities every card offers. Given that fuel costs make up around 25 to 30% of the total Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per vehicle, a good fleet card match can introduce significant savings. So, in general, a fleet card can get the most out of your mobility anytime, anyplace.

Convenience at your fingertips

Our mobile NFC-app offers real-time guidance to bring you to the nearest gas station at any given moment. Thanks to our partnership with Shell, Q8, Dats24, Lukoil and Esso, we can guarantee that there will always be a station close to you. That way, you save not only time, but also kilometers and money.

Your fleet is not like the others!
Do you manage a large or a small car park? Do your coworkers only drive in Belgium or across Europe?

Another advantage of using the app is easy recharging. Whether you prefer the in-app QR codes or manually entering your card number, your card can be recharged via your smartphone in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow is now

A fleet card can help you commit to an eco-friendly future. Whether your fleet already contains electric vehicles, or you are considering the change, our charging network is yours to use with the Network Fleet Card. Next to that, the Network Fleet Card also includes the most expansive CNG-network (Compressed Natural Gaz). Which enables you to reduce up to 20% of CO2 emissions.

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