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One single card
Thanks to Shell and NewMotion, all purchases of fuel, electric charging or other mobility-related expenses can be paid for with one single card: the Network Fleet Card.

All in one invoice
For maximum clarity and simplicity, all expenses related to mobility services, including fuel and electric charging, are grouped on a single invoice.

> With the Network Fleet Card you can access a broad range of services dedicated to this new type of mobility as well as make use of the largest network of electric charging stations in Belgium.

Simple solutions for your electric vehicle fleet

Access to the Shell Recharge Solutions network:

The largest network of public charging stations with 300,000 charging stations in 35 European countries, including 25,000 in Belgium.

Simple and fully supervised installation.

Cost control through time-tracking real consumption of each.
Real-time distribution of power available between the terminals used.

Recharge up to 10X faster than a socket standard, in complete safety.
Protection of the home through optimal charging process, with adjustable profiles and preferences.

Easily find public charging stations in your area and along your home itinerary.
Receive a message when a charger indicated in your preferences is again available.
Overview of your recharging sessions and cost of loading.
Start and complete recharging easily from your phone on the terminals recharge supported by the app.

Our CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) network

You can also use more than 110 filling stations in our CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) network. All this with one card: the NFC card.

Choose a network that is a pioneer in new sources of energy

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is the same natural gas we use to heat our homes. It is distributed to the filling stations via the natural gas network, compressed to 300 bar on site and then stored under pressure. This makes refuelling as easy and quick as with petrol or diesel.

CNG only offers advantages

Offsetting CO2 emissions

Together we can offset our combined CO2 emissions

In collaboration with NewMotion, Network Fleet Card not only offers you privileged access to the largest network of electric charging stations in Belgium and Europe, but also to an increasing number of CNG and LNG terminals. You also support Shell’s projects to protect the environment worldwide.

Working together to offset our CO2 emissions through your Network Fleet Card

How do you offset CO2 emissions?

  • Use the card

    Your staff must use the card as usual.

  • Choose a project

    The total carbon emissions of your fleet can be estimated based on its total fuel consumption.

  • Emissions calculation

    You select a specific project from the range of projects conducted worldwide to protect our natural environment.

  • Receive credit

    At the end of each month, your company receives credit for the amount needed to offset its carbon emissions.

Our initiatives

By committing to various initiatives such as the Kasigau project in Kenya, the Katingan project in Indonesia and the Cordillera Azul project in Peru, we can build schools to increase educational attainment, protect endangered forests and create more than 1.5 million carbon credits annually.

  • 200.000 ha

    of protected endangered forests

  • 50.000

    trees planted in the last 5 years


18 August 2020

Offsetting CO₂ Emissions Together With Your Network Fleet Card

Shell has set itself an ambition to become, by 2050 or sooner, a net-zero emissions energy business. We will achieve this by seeking to be net zero on all the emissions from the manufacture of all our products by 2050 at the latest.

18 August 2020

Solutions for your electric vehicle fleet

It is undebatable that electric vehicles have an important part to play in our shared vision. As a matter of fact, 8 vehicles out of 10 by 2030 will be EVs.

03 November 2020

CNG: the shift towards responsible energy

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has it all. Simply put, it is currently the most environmentally-friendly fossil fuel. Less polluting and more economical than traditional fuels, it is – along with electricity –

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