Driven by our vision

Shell has set itself an ambition to become, by 2050 or sooner, a net-zero emissions energy business. We will achieve this by seeking to be net zero on all the emissions from the manufacture of all our products by 2050 at the latest. This ambition includes the emissions created by our operations and also those associated with the energy we consume. These are known as scope one and two emissions. But the bulk of the emissions are our customers’ emissions when they use our products, known as scope three emissions.

That is why Shell’s second step towards being a net-zero emissions energy business is to reduce the Net Carbon Footprint of our energy products. To achieve this Shell will need to sell more products with a lower carbon intensity, such as renewable power, biofuels and hydrogen.

Working with you

In steadily moving towards a low-carbon future, we already support our consumers’ new habits such as providing them with new mobility solutions. This is why NFC keeps up with this evolution by aiming at reaching this vision while keeping your business sustainable and efficient. With the NFC card, access the world of new mobility services thanks to the largest network of electric charging stations in Belgium consisting of more than 8.000 docks, and nearly 200.000 across Europe.

To find out more about how you can help in reaching our 2050 vision and the numerous other ways that we can help you optimize your fleet, please contact your Shell Account Manager, or simply go on