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Mobility Solutions

> Access mobility services with our Shell Mobility Solutions app available from January 2021 on app store or Google Play.



Buy your tickets, passes and subscription for public transport, pay for your parking space, rent a bike or even set a car-sharing service.

100% digital

An easy-to-use application that allows you to track all your mobility-related expenses in real time: mobility budgets, plan cafetaria and your business expenses ! Private expenses are invoiced separately directly to the app user.

Less administration

A single invoice containing expenses related to mobility services, including fuel and electric refills! No more expense notes and waste of time... Everything is centralized and easy to get your VAT back.


Tailormade mobility services offered to all employees with or without company cars.

Reduce your carbon footprint and avoid traffic jams

We want to strengthen our position by developing a mobility that meets the political expectations and ambitions of our customers: more efficient, sustainable and multimodal.


Web Portal for Fleet Managers to determine budgets and perform analyses and APP for drivers to determine in a few clicks the means of locomotion’s best suited to their journeys and avoid the stress of traffic jams (buses, trains, bikes, car sharing, ...).
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03 November 2020

CNG: the shift towards responsible energy

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has it all. Simply put, it is currently the most environmentally-friendly fossil fuel. Less polluting and more economical than traditional fuels, it is – along with electricity –

24 July 2020

How to optimize your fleet with NFC card?

When it comes to optimizing your fleet there are various things to take into consideration: First of all, the size of your fleet. Before applying for a fleet card, know whether or not your fleet is made up of more or fewer than 25 vehicles.

03 November 2020

Greener diesel with AdBlue?

As we know, the ambitions of the new Belgian government are in line with the desire to further “green” company vehicles. But while “electrifying” car fleets appears to be the most logical investment in the long term, some companies are being slow to make the leap.

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