From types of fuel or the amount of uses to validity per country, your personal fleet card leaves every decision entirely up to you. In other words, every fleet card is a card that suits your needs.

Adapting to your needs

There is no fixed formula: a fleet card lets you decide which of your employees’ expenses it can cover. Those expenses are systematically centralized and bundled into a handy overview organized to your liking, be it per co-worker or per type of expense. That does not only guarantee more financial stability, it also reduces your administration. By recovering the time normally lost on separate expense reports, working becomes more efficient for both you and your employees. Moreover, a fleet card offers transparency and safety thanks to its chip.
You will be saving time and money, but also kilometers. The Network Fleet Card lets you enjoy its advantages in a dense network both nationally and all across Europe. Our mobile NFC-app offers real-time guidance to bring you to the nearest gas station at any given moment. Thanks to our partnerships with Shell, Q8, Dats24, Lukoil and Esso, we can guarantee that there will always be a station close to you.

What are the strengths and
weaknesses of your fleet?
Insurance, maintenance or hidden costs: evaluate your fleet and discover how to save expenses.

Another advantage of using the app is easy recharging. Whether you prefer the in-app QR codes or manually entering your card number, your card can be recharged via your smartphone in the blink of an eye.

Adapting to tomorrow

All our attention is turned towards the changing landscape of the car industry. Sales of electric vehicles have been soaring for the last few years and 58% of fleet managers predict a change in fuel for their fleet in the coming 5 years. The Network Fleet Card includes the use of charging stations and CNG-stations (Compressed Natural Gaz), as we stand prepared to boost your switch to an eco-friendly mobility solution.

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