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With a fuel card, the tax administration becomes much lighter, which we know that will save you precious time. It is no longer necessary to keep receipts since everything will be done digitally. The VAT return sheets will also be simplified and pre-filled. Every period, you will receive a clear invoice that will allow you to analyze your fuel consumption per user and per car. This will then allow you to perform adjustments to save more.

Fuel cards allow you to consolidate invoices to make the process of recouping VAT on business fuel expenses easier and stress-free. All administrative tasks can be carried out via innovative online account management software and with all related transactions appearing on a single invoice in accordance with Belgian law, monitoring of fuel expenses is also facilitated.

There are various scenarios when it comes to the fiscal nature of using a fleet card. Regarding the tax regime applied to the employer for the use of a fuel card by his employee, the treatment is the same, whether it is a personal vehicle or a company vehicle. Only the type of trips has an influence. In the case where the worker uses the fuel card for private trips, the costs relating to this use are deductible for the employer, in the same way as monetary remuneration. To benefit from this deduction, the benefit of any kind must be mentioned on the tax form 281.10 and on the corresponding summary statement. If the worker uses the fuel card for business travel, these are at the employer’s own costs. They are, therefore, deductible as professional expenses.

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Tailor made to all sizes

If you are thinking that your fleet is too small to benefit from the services of a fuel card think again. The Network Fleet Card service can be tailor-made for SMEs that own fewer than 25 vehicles in their fleet. Our services allow you to personalize each card to suit your needs from setting a volume/value limit, restricting validity to specific countries, selecting specific fuels, and even selecting add-on services like tolls or car wash.

All in all, the fiscal elements of fleet management become hassle-free thanks to a fuel card. If you are interested by the above and want to find more about how your company can benefit from the Network Fleet Card, request an offer here

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