Picking the perfect fleet card is not easy

Let us help you make the right and informed decision by listing a few key-points.

Size and Accessibility

First off, consider the size of your fleet. For example, the Network Fleet Card considers 25 to be the magical number. With specialized plans for fleets both smaller and bigger than 25 vehicles, our fleet card is guaranteed to optimize the management of your fleet.

Pay attention to accessibility, since not every fleet card is valid in all stations. Carefully consider where a certain fleet card can or cannot be used in order to compare the validity with the movements of your fleet. The Network Fleet Card is set to meet all of your demands on this issue, offering an immense network of over 1.500 stations in Belgium and over 24.000 across Europe.

Your fleet is not like the others!
Do you manage a large or a small car park? Do your coworkers only drive in Belgium or across Europe?

Fuel Alternatives

Now that E-mobility is steadily on the rise, keep in mind that your fleet card should incorporate the needs of any electric vehicles in your fleet. With 58% of fleet managers anticipating a change in the fuel for their vehicles, Network Fleet Card acknowledges the importance of an eco-friendly mobility solution and offers international access to charging stations and CNG-stations (Compressed Natural Gaz).

Associated Fees

Fees also play a significant part in the decision for a fleet card. While the goal is to save expenses, be sure to keep in mind that different providers can charge fees for different reasons, ranging from transaction fees to card fees for major oil brands. Either way, carefully scan the Terms & Conditions of your preferred provider for these items.

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