By positioning themselves as a leading player in the race for electric charging, Shell aspires to facilitate access for both the professional and the private sector. The development of a fast-charging network is of crucial importance for Shell.

In addition to a complete ecosystem of solutions for businesses and individuals, Shell is completing their proposal with the deployment of a fast-charging network, joining forces with Gamma. The latter invites customers to leave their cars in the parking lot while they shop. A benefit for all electric drivers who can use this time to charge their vehicles.

Shell & Gamma have announced the installation of 1.400 fast-charging stations in the parking lots of DIY stores across Belgium and The Netherlands. This means 85 stores in our country maximizing the access to fast charging thanks to 105 new terminals, offering 210 new charging points. This will make it easier for drivers of electric vehicles to find a location for 100% sustainable electricity.

Shell Belgium CEO, Emmanuel Mignot:

“Policy makers have taken various measures in favour of electric vehicles. This generates a craze for these vehicles, both for private drivers and for company fleet managers. The tax incentives are leading to increased sales, and this makes it important to expand the network and the fast-charging capabilities, whether it’s roadside or in a shopping mall parking lot. We are very pleased to be able to complete our fast-charging network through this new collaboration with Intergamma (Gamma’s parent company).”

With these and other future partnerships, Shell is strengthening its position as a strong player in the electric charging market and aims to significantly expand their network. How can this be done? For example, by equipping companies that plan to make their fleets greener. Shell will offer them a range of charging solutions, including charging stations and charging cards that are easy to use across Europe. The future looks bright for Shell and the entire fleet sector.

Tomorrow in numbers:
On a global scale, Shell aims to have 500,000 charging stations operational by 2025 and nearly 2.5 million charging stations by 2030. In addition to Shell’s home and office charging solutions, the Shell EV card provides access to the largest charging network in Europe. The deployment of fast and destination chargers under the Shell Recharge brand is part of Shell’s holistic electric mobility offering. Shell is also working on expanding the network of Shell Recharge stations in Belgium and Europe.


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