Shell Telematics gives you all the information you need to help you get the most out of your fleet of vehicles. By combining data from the NFC fleet card and those of vehicles, our solution simplifies from A to Z all of your operations, ranging from the identification of fuel fraud, to monitoring the progress of deliveries and monitoring driver behavior. You can choose the features best suited to your activity, all of which can be managed via an online portal user-friendly. Whatever the size or type of your fleet vehicles, this is the simplest and most economical way to make better informed decisions and lower your Total Cost of ownership (TCO).

In Short…

Shell Telematics services provide you with:

  • Vehicle tracking for better fleet planning.
  • Monitoring of your drivers’ performance.
  • The needed data to reduce road accidents
  • Reinforcement of your financial control and help in the fight against fraud and theft.

Practical Aspects

As for practical aspects, we are able to provide you with a basic package as well as a premium one that is tailor made to your needs at a highly competitive price. Our offers allow you to choose the volume of data that suits your activity and budget the best. To find out more about Shell Telematics and the numerous other ways that we can help you optimize your fleet, please contact your Shell Account Manager.