When it comes to optimizing your fleet there are various things to take into consideration:

1. Fleet size

First of all, the size of your fleet. Before applying for a fleet card, know whether or not your fleet is made up of more or fewer than 25 vehicles.

2. Fuel type

Select the type of fuel the card holder will have access to. When choosing fuel or alternatives such as electricity, think of the following parameters that will help you chose. Are you looking to make economies? Is your fleet looking to control its emissions? Is your fleet facing strict regulations? All of the above are questions to ask yourself to see whether you will go for petrol, diesel, CNG, hybrid, or fully electric. 

3. Set a volume

Set a volume and/or value limit per day, week, month, or year of fuel that your employees can use.

4. Define a range

Select whether you want the usage of your cards to be restricted to Belgium or to be Europe-wide?

5. Select your services

Our fleet cards offer more than just fuel. Go ahead and select any add-on service that you might be interested in benefiting from, such as tolls, car wash, etc. 

5. Digital fleet management tool

Use our digital fleet management tool, in order to view fuel card activity to identify which vehicles display poor mileage per liter, or if certain drivers consume more fuel than necessary.

6. Telematics services

Have you thought about adding telematics services? Shell Telematics services provide you with: Vehicle tracking for better fleet planning, monitoring of your drivers’ performance, the needed data to reduce road accidents, and reinforcement of your financial control and help in the fight against fraud and theft.

To find out more about how NFC card can help you reach your mobility needs, request an offer here