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Make the most of the number 1 network.

Partnership between the major specialist brand now makes 800 service stations available across Belgium:

Reduce your costs.

Fuel costs represents between 25% - 30% of the TCO (Total Costs Ownership).

The NFC network significantly reduces time spent and kilometres driven to find a service station. As a result, you achieve optimum TCO and TCM.

Optimise your itinerary thanks to the network Fleet card and the application Network fleet app

You can locate the cheapest and closest stations of the NFC network at any time and save time and money for each of your journeys:

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    Choose your favorite stations

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    Find the nearest station

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    Easily navigate to your station

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    Find +8.000 Electrical charge stations

13 August 2020

Fiscal Advantages of driving hybrid and electric vehicles

Hybrids falling in the latter category (see full list here)

13 August 2020

How the taxation of fuel cards works

With a fuel card, the tax administration becomes much lighter, which we know that will save you precious time. It is no longer necessary to keep receipts since everything will be done digitally. The VAT return sheets will also be simplified and pre-filled.

03 August 2020

The Social Rules of Using Fuel Cards

A fuel card is not necessarily linked to a company vehicle. The card can just as well be used for a private car. If the latter is the case, there are 3 possible scenarios:

Get Your Network Fleet Card

Get a personalised offer based on your fleet and the specific needs you may have.

Offer for members of Federia

Offer for embassies