With circulation becoming increasingly paralyzed in most urban centers throughout our country, due to the growing number of inhabitants and commuters, the private sector turns to a more durable and multimodal mobility, combining multiple transportation methods in order to facilitate travelling employees.

We aim to be an ally in the supply of ideas, technologies and applications to bring an innovative mobility to life. A great number of businesses, having understood that commuters are leaning towards multimodal mobility, are offering solutions at a steady pace. From shared bikes to the Uber platform, metro-bus-tram tickets to carpooling, reserved parking spots, … An infinite number of possibilities that is as of now accessible on a single platform, aiming to help commuters that are leaving their cars aside and fleet managers in search of a mobility that is more soft, collective and multimodal.

Focus on a single application
that combines multiple mobility solutions!

Thanks to the Shell Mobility Solutions app, every employee will have access to the majority of mobility services from their smartphone. Buying a tickets, pass or subscription to public transport, paying for a parking space, renting a bike or finding a carsharing location will all be possible with one and the same app. The Shell Mobility Solutions app will be available to all employees on the cafeteria plan or with a mobility budget granted by the employer. Quant aux gestionnaires de flottes, ils disposent d’une plateforme web pour allouer les budgets et faire le suivi au travers de reporting.

Easy to use, the app is going resolutely for digital and offers the best that technology has to offer in terms of localisation, secure payment, data protection and responsivity. Finding the best nearby transportation methods, profiting from the best travelling rates, following up on all expenses in real-time and separating private from professional expenses, a whole range of functions that offer an efficient experience for users and for fleet managers.

Administration is simplified as well, thanks to a centralization of all expenses on a single interface, with a detailed overview of expenses related to mobility services, carburant costs and electric refills.

The app to facilitate the use of mobility solutions will be available to all employees on the cafeteria plan or with a mobility budget granted by the employer. Shell Mobility Solutions is a concrete response to tomorrow’s challenges in terms of mobility.

The Shell Mobility Solutions app,
an anticipated response to the governmental plans for 2026?

The government goes head-to-head with Belgian company cars. Starting from 2026, all leasing vehicles need to have zero emission. That means that car parks, as we know them today, will be filled with vehicles that can be plugged in. No one can predict whether companies are ready to manage such a fundamental change. One thing is certain: company cars are losing their fiscal advantages at lightning speed. Multimodal mobility is a solution to this political challenge, on the condition that the government puts in place a budget to finance other transportation methods, of course. Time will tell!

Source: https://www.lecho.be/economie-politique/belgique/federal/vivaldi-rimera-avec-mobilite-douce-ou-silencieuse/10254988.html

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